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2020 Images


Fort Frances OPP, in partnership with the North West Region Organized Crime Enforncement Bureau, issued a search warrant on a Fort Frances home, resulting in the seisure of fentanyl. The drug has been responsible for seven overdoses, including one fatality, in the past two weeks.

Shady retreat

Even local wildlife has been taking a break from the intense heat we've had lately. This white-tailed deer was taking a rest in the shade, while a squirrel hangs out nearby. If you have a great photo, send it to us, so we can share it with local readers! Send your high resolution photos to

- Nell Laur photo

Lake fun

Crystal and Liam Smith have been enjoying the beautiful weather and social distancing by spending time on the lake. Liam charts the course for the pair's excursions. What has your family been doing to stay busy? Take a photo and send it to us, so we can share it with other readers! Send your photos to

Custom knives

Robin Roper stands behind his booth that displays his array of different hand-forged knives. Roper was making his exhibit on Thursday in Rainy Lake Square. Roper also makes custom knives and provides private showings upon request.

Pass, set, spike!

Fort Frances High School volleyball coach Terry McMahon, in red, was able to launch his volleyball skills camp, 807 Selects Volleyball Camp, this week. The four week skill development program meets in small groups of six or fewer athletes per session, outdoors at Point Park, in full adherence to Northwestern Health Unit recommendations.

Comet C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE)

Comet C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE) was discovered by the Neowise space telescope.

It will be closest to our planet on the evening of July 22 (“perigee”), when it will be 103.5 million km away. Astronomers estimate the diameter of the comet nucleus at approximately 5 km. It won’t return for another 6800 years.

Guitar man

Arden Bruyere plays the guitar and sings in Rainy Lake Square on Thursday as vendors display their goods for purchase. Residents of Fort Frances stopped by to listen to the lively vibrant music and gave five dollar bills, toonies and loonies as a token of appreciation to Bruyere's high-spirited performance.

Royal banquet

A milkweed plant in Vivian Callaghan's plot of the Fort Frances Community Garden has attracted some royal visitors. These two monarch butterfly caterpillars were spotted over the weekend. Milkweed is a common weed, is easy to cultivate and is a favourite food of monarch caterpillars. The poisonous sap of the plant helps make the caterpillar poisonous to predators.