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Rabbit Club meets


The first and second meetings of the Rabbit Club were held on Oct. 20, 2019 at 1 p.m. at the Romyn residence.

The meeting started with the members reciting the 4-H pledge.

We then held elections and Danielle Schram stands as president, Cale Wilson stands as vice-president, Sydney Romyn stands as secretary, and Georgia Romyn stands as press reporter.

The other members of the club are Matthew Wilson, and Bradley and Aynsley Teeple who were unable to attend.

We took turns reading the first chapter, which was about different types of breeds and different body types of rabbits.

Next we did a couple work sheets to identify “Who am I?" and to "Label the parts of a rabbit.”

The second chapter was read on feeding and nutrition.

Then we got three work sheets: “Nutrition match up," "Name that vitamin" and "Feed trivia.”

Refreshments were served and the meeting was adjourned.

The members went and looked at the rabbits that the Romyn members have.

Meanwhile, the third meeting of the T.W.R.S. rabbit club was held at the Wilsons' house.

The meeting started with the club members reciting the 4-H pledge.

The meeting minutes were read by Anysley. Cale accepted the minutes as read and Georgia seconded the minutes read.

The members picked out a name for the 4-H club. We then read over the third chapter about facilities.

Next, we did two work sheets: “A rabbit facilities scramble" and "How would you do it?”

President Danielle Schram adjourned the meeting and refreshments were served.

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