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Sam Odrowski

NGD trucks

New Gold's trucks haul thousands of tonnes of ore to the mill each day, which are then processed to recover gold. It is estimated that New Gold will process nearly 250,000 ounces of gold this year.

NGD open pit

New Gold's open pit is expected to be depleted by early 2025. Currently they are stockpiling lower grade ore from the open pit that will be processed at the mill when underground operations begin in 2022.

Council passes resolution on railway tax, safety

The town of Fort Frances passed a resolution last night that's aimed at creating more equitable railway taxation and raises concerns surrounding rail safety.

The resolution, which received unanimous support from council at Monday's meeting, arose out of the CN Rail derailment near Emo last Tuesday involving 30 cars, seven of which leaked crude oil surrounding the crash area.

Mayors react to new life-of-mine

New Gold announced a new life of mine plan for its operations north of Barwick, with an expected closure in 2028.

Mayor June Caul said she isn't too concerned about the mine's reduction in lifespan from 2031, as there's still several years to find other sources of employment for the region, preferably with an industry that's more sustainable.