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Growing impact

Ask people what industries fuel the economic engine of Rainy River District and no doubt forestry and tourism would spring to mind first, followed closely by mining given New Gold’s mine north of Barwick is scheduled to go into production this fall while various exploration projects are going on elsewhere.

Allow beer sales

“We're in desperation mode,” Fort Frances Lakers' president Milt Strachan had said back in April regarding the local Junior 'A' team's future here.

Carrying an expected $40,000 debt, there's talk the 2017-18 season may be the Lakers' last unless the team sees a significant increase in attendance, as well as new blood to help run the community-owned franchise.

Welcome to all

What a week to showcase all that Fort Frances has to offer.

On Sunday, St. George's Ukrainian Orthodox Church here hosted visiting clergy, including His Eminence, the Metropolitan Yurij, spiritual head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Canada, as well as other guests from Northwestern Ontario, Manitoba, and the U.S. in celebration of its 70th anniversary.

Not the answer

In the wake of the recent terror attacks in London and Manchester, it is troubling—but not so surprising—that someone would take it upon themselves to seek reprisal against the Muslim community, which we saw in the early-morning hours of Monday when a white man drove a van into a group of worshippers leaving a mosque after prayers.

Move backfired

The main argument behind the push to establish fixed election dates every four years was to prevent the party in power from sending voters to the polls when the timing was most convenient for it.

But while trying to eliminate crass partisanship from when elections are called was a noble goal, the move to fixed election dates has done little to solve the problem.

Tackle problem

The rash of used needles being discarded carelessly around town is a community health issue that needs to be addressed immediately.

Seemingly concerned more about defending its needle exchange program, the local Northwestern Health Unit looks to be downplaying the matter—blaming social media for making the problem seem more widespread than it is.

In good hands

With the federal Conservatives choosing Andrew Scheer as their new leader on Saturday, another “youngster” now is at the helm of a major political party.