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Still resilient

Change certainly was the theme for 2015 here in our corner of the world. For one, the ground-breaking ceremony in May for New Gold’s Rainy River Project north of Barwick signalled a switch to mining as the new economic driver in the district—not the forest industry.


Sports fans love a heated rivalry—and the annual clashes between the Muskie boys’ hockey team and International Falls Broncos each winter certainly fit that bill.

And clearly a lot of people would love to see these exhibition showdowns resume. Trouble is, too often it was the “fans”—to use that term loosely—who got out of control.

Clock ticking

It didn’t draw much attention—barely a passing mention in the Rainy River Future Development Corp.’s quarterly report to town council back on Nov. 23—but the future of the “Harmony of Nations” Music Festival here is an important issue.

More precisely, will it live to see a third year?

Real inspiration

Say what you will about Rainy River District but one thing is clear: despite the economic struggles our area continues to face, residents always come through when asked.

Never waver

The terrorist attacks like the ones that rocked Paris on Friday night, and the bombing of a Russian airliner over the Sinai Peninsula two weeks ago, are unleashed with one goal in mind: to spread fear.

The economic fallout often is immediate—and potentially devastating—if that fear prevents people from travelling and injecting much-needed tourism dollars into countries.

Lest we forget

We pause each year—at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month—to remember those who gave their lives for Canada, or more precisely, the freedoms and values we cherish as a nation.

Salute our youth

Every community has young stars, and while they may not quite have celebrity status, they deserve to be in the spotlight for all they have accomplished.

Who are they? They are our future leaders—Ontario’s youth.