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The candidates for councils and the local school boards across the district have made their choice to seek election, and have been pleading their case for office through lawn signs, pamphlets/brochures, and submitting profiles to the newspaper.

Pivotal change

The issues facing the community of Fort Frances clearly were spelled out by the candidates attending the forum hosted by the Fort Frances Chamber of Commerce last night at the Townshend Theatre.

The tasks identified by the two mayoral hopefuls and seven of the eight candidates for council included:

Year-round role

Whether you're an actor up for an Oscar or Emmy, a singer nominated for a Grammy, a writer vying for a Pulitzer Prize, a scientist in line for a Nobel Prize, or even a community newspaper hoping to win a provincial or national award, we all relish having our life's work recognized by our peers.

Lots to do here

Nothing to do in Fort Frances, you say? Think again.

Almost 30 local clubs and groups are attending a “1-Stop Registration” event being held tomorrow (Sept. 6) from 5-7:30 p.m. in the Memorial Sports Centre auditorium. That's right, almost 30!

Talk to your candidates

Ontario municipal elections will take place on the fourth Monday of October.

This will be a transforming election in Fort Frances since many from the existing council are choosing to retire and two councilors have chosen to challenge each other to become the next mayor of Fort Frances.

Crossing the line

Letters to the editor are said to be the lifeblood of a newspaper. It's an opportunity for readers to voice their support or criticism of a decision or issue, or to point out local concerns they feel need to be addressed.

Enjoy the fair

Now well into its second century, the Rainy River Valley Agricultural Society's annual fair fall is set to go tomorrow through Saturday in Emo—and once again there will be plenty in store for all ages and interests.

Put it to rest

It's troubling to see the crescendo of “fake news” chants U.S. President Donald Trump has been directing towards the mainstream media south of the border, to the point of whipping his supporters into a frenzy that leaves journalists actually fearing for their safety, is spilling over into our country.