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The trick to keeping your peach cake from getting soggy

Add ripe peaches to cake and problems abound: All the juice makes for a soggy cake and their delicate flavour gets lost.

Roasting the peaches—and tossing them with peach schnapps—concentrated their flavour and expelled moisture. However, the peaches became swathed in a flavourful but gooey film when cooked.

How to make Mexican pulled pork without the hassle of frying

Traditional carnitas, Mexico’s version of pulled pork, is fried in gallons of lard or oil. The results are tasty, but who wants to deal with all that hot fat? We wanted restaurant-style carnitas—tender chunks of lightly crisped, caramelized pork, subtly accented with oregano and citrus—without the hassle of frying.

Turn yellow squash or zucchini into ribbons for a fun side

Quick-cooking and delicately flavoured, yellow summer squash and zucchini are favourites in Mediterranean cuisines and perfect for a light side dish. To create a fresh, simple recipe, we started with very thinly sliced squash, using a peeler to make even “ribbons” and discarding the waterlogged seeds.

Flank steak and charred corn salsa

Charred corn salsa combined with cumin-scented flank steak is a winning match.

We wanted all the char and perfectly seared steak without having to step outside to grill, so we turned to our cast-iron skillet. We cut the steak into fourths to increase its surface area and seasoned it with ground cumin, salt, and pepper so that when we seared it, it developed a great crust.