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Feds to seek stay on niqab

OTTAWA—The federal government says it will ask a judge to put a hold on a court decision allowing would-be Canadians to wear face coverings while taking the oath of citizenship.

Conservative candidate Denis Lebel, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Quebec lieutenant, said the government will seek a stay of a recent Federal Court of Appeal decision quashing the so-called niqab ban.

Racism summit underway

WINNIPEG—The mayor of Winnipeg says he’s hopeful a two-day summit being held at the Canadian Museum of Human Rights will produce tangible results on how to fight racism.

Brian Bowman organized the Mayor’s National Summit on Racial Inclusion after Maclean’s magazine labelled Winnipeg the most racist city in Canada in a cover story at the beginning of this year.

Thatcher to grace $10 bill?

LONDON—Britain is abuzz with U.S. presidential candidate Jeb Bush’s suggestion that Margaret Thatcher should grace the new $10 bill.

Mock-ups of a $10 note featuring the former prime minister were prominent on British newspaper websites today.

Even the BBC couldn’t resist—pasting an image of a steely-eyed, if slightly smiling, Thatcher onto the bill.