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Manitoban skates on icy highway


INGLIS, Man.—What does a Manitoba man do when nature coats a rural highway with a thick coat of pristine ice in the middle of winter?

For Wade Eftoda the answer was obvious: put on hockey skates and use the road as a makeshift rink.

Eftoda and his wife, Kristyn, were slowly driving home Wednesday on Highway 482 near Dropmore when they noticed the road was slick and shiny with ice from a storm of freezing rain the night before.

His wife suggested he lace up his skates and go for a spin on the deserted secondary highway.

“The ice I skated on was absolutely perfect,” Eftoda said yesterday.

“It was almost like a curling rink—it was extremely smooth.”

As Eftoda skated down the road and back in the dim light of the late afternoon, his wife recorded his performance on video and posted it on her Facebook page.

Kristyn Eftoda barely could contain her glee as he came to a stop—the headlights of their vehicle reflecting off of his skate blades.

“Ice skating on the highway," she said. "Only in Canada.”

Wade Eftoda said he had just purchased the skates a few weeks ago after his five-year-old son became interested in learning how to skate.

The boy was disappointed he didn't have his skates with him to join his dad.

Eftoda said the roads in the area just across the Saskatchewan boundary still are covered with ice.

He said in the 34 years he has lived in the area, he has never seen anything like it.

“It is still like that," he said with a laugh. "I bet you could still go skating on there tonight.”

People commenting on the video on social media said the only thing that would have made Eftoda's skating exploit more Canadian is if he had been holding a hockey stick.

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