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Ontario looking at merging ambulance services

TORONTO—Ontario is looking at merging ambulance services, but the premier is guaranteeing that the move will not result in fewer paramedics.

In its budget delivered last week, the Progressive Conservative government said it plans to streamline the way land ambulance dispatch services are delivered by integrating the 59 emergency health services operators and 22 dispatch centres.

Emma, William remain top baby names in Quebec

MONTREAL—The attraction of English baby names held strong in Quebec in 2018, with Emma and William again topping the annual list.

For Emma, it was the fourth-straight year in first place and for William the sixth.

Records released by Retraite Quebec show that William was followed closely by Logan and Liam, while Thomas returned to the top 10 after dropping out in 2017.

Nearly 70 percent of Albertans voted

EDMONTON—An unofficial turnout shows nearly 70 per cent of Albertans voted in Tuesday's provincial election ‚Äî the highest in decades.

Elections Alberta said about 2,615,000 people in Alberta were registered to vote.

Deputy chief electoral officer Drew Westwater said the unofficial turnout was 69.9 percent, based on numbers crunched by mid-afternoon yesterday.