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Nicholas Donaldson

Winter carnival

J.W. Walker students engaged in a playful tug-of-war during today's winter carnival at the school. Students participated in activities that included obstacle courses, relay races, snow soccer, snowshoeing, and target practice with two large sling-shots.

Valentine goodies

Clarine Cook, left, and Pat Boustead manned the bake table at the St. John's Anglican Church Valentine Luncheon on Friday. Guests were treated to soups, sandwiches and dainties while also having the option to pick up a few baked goods for a Valentine treat.

DeGagne company

Dan DeGagne, owner/operator of Sunset Protection Systems, showed off the inside of the fire extinguisher service room. The room is equipped with vents to clean up in case an extinguisher handle sticks in the “on" position. "All you can do is get out, shut the door behind you, and wait,” said DeGagne.

100 days!

Henry Hartlin had all his festive gear on as Grade 1 classes at St. Michael's School here celebrated the 100th day of school yesterday. Activities included beading, drawing, stories, and, of course, a lot of counting to 100.

Art therapy

Isabella Hyatt was hard at work on her art project last Friday morning during local art therapist Lindsay Hamilton's visit to Robert Moore School. Hamilton worked with all the Grade 8 students in the school throughout the day.

'Canoeing' along

Parents and volunteers shared in the fun at a dance Saturday night at the Copper River Inn in conjunction with the Fort Frances Girls'/Women's Hockey Association's annual Novice and Atom tournaments on the weekend. The dance featured a “Canada's 150th birthday” theme.

Art therapist

Local art therapist Lindsay Hamilton was sorting through magazine clippings for collage-making this morning as part of an art project in Christa Gibson's Grade 8 class at Robert Moore School. She was to work with other classes throughout the day.

On the move

Thrift Store manager Sharlene Smith was beginning to move items into the new Salvation Army location on Scott Street this morning. They will be moving from their old location all week long and are asking for people with pickup trucks to help haul items. Call 274-3871 for more details on how to lend a hand.