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Morgan Lowrie

Thousands turn out in support of Quebec farmers

MONTREAL—Half-a-dozen tractors rolled through the streets of downtown Montreal yesterday as thousands of people marched in support of farmers who say they're threatened by the new U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement.

Many in the crowd brandished signs and kitchen utensils, and pushed shopping carts, as they joined an hour-long march organized by Quebec's farmers' union.

50 dogs rescued from meat farm doing well

MONTREAL—The 50 terrified dogs and puppies rescued from crammed cages on a South Korean dog meat farm are well on their way to becoming pets in Canada, Humane Society International said.

The dogs, which include terrier crosses, Jindo mixes, and Labrador mixes, were recovered with the help of animal advocates in Korea and transported to a Montreal emergency shelter last week.

Wrong people were on trial, families say

MONTREAL—A Quebec man whose kid sister was one of 47 people killed in the Lac-Megantic tragedy says the three men acquitted Friday never should have been put on trial.

“I think, very sincerely, that since the day of the accident, these people have been living in purgatory and it must have been extremely difficult,” Bernard Boulet told The Canadian Press.