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From the MNRF

Fire risk 'extreme'

Four new fires were confirmed in the Northwest Region by early yesterday evening.

One was located in Kenora District, near Cedar Lake and Camp Robinson, about 50 km northwest of Dryden.

It was listed as “not under control” at 0.5 hectares in size at last report.

The other fires were located in Thunder Bay District and Sioux Lookout District (two).

Fire hazard on rebound

With a warming trend over the next week, the fire hazard slowly starting to rebound in the Northwest Region as fuels on the surface become more receptive to burning.

With the rise in temperatures, there is high likelihood we will see more lightning fires starting to occur.

Moose hunters nabbed

Two moose hunters were fined for hunting violations in the Red Lake area.

Terry Petropoulos of Markham pleaded guilty and was fined $2,500 for hunting a bull moose without a licence, $1,200 for shooting across a roadway, and $500 for allowing a moose to become unsuitable for human consumption.

He also received a one-year hunting suspension.

Tips sought to identify those who started fire

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry is seeking the public's help in identifying the individuals responsible for starting a forest fire on an island in Bag Bay on Shoal Lake.

The fire was 0.1 hectares in size when discovered on the evening of Sunday, July 29.

This location can be accessed only by boat from Shoal Lake, which is located west of Kenora.

Fire crews making headway

FireRanger crews continue to chip away at the Northwest Region's active fire load while wet weather over the past 48 hours is keeping new fire starts to a minimum.

High drought code values in the region, a measure of moisture levels deep in the soil, are expected to influence new lightning starts as the fire hazard rebounds and fuels on the surface become more receptive to burning.

Fire scene slows

Lower temperatures and precipitation have had a cooling effect on the regional forest fire situation.

There currently are 93 active fires in the region, 63 of which are listed as “under observation," nine as "under control," and seven as "being held.”

The other 14 are listed as “not under control.”

Lightning sparks more fires

It was another busy day for lightning fire starts as the Northwest Region recorded 16 new fires by the early yesterday evening.

Resources are strained as the fire load has increased to 111 active fires. Twenty-eight of those fires are “not under control," 10 are "being held," 10 are "under control," and 63 are "being observed.”