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From the MNRF

Fire hazard on rise

One fire was confirmed over the weekend.

Dryden Fire #28, located near Kin Lake, is now “out” at 0.1 hectares in size.

No new fires were confirmed by yesterday afternoon.

There is one active fire in the Northwest Region.

Kenora Fire #44 is a 0.2-hectare, lightning-caused blaze that is listed as “being observed.”

Two new fires reported

One new fire was confirmed in Dryden District by yesterday afternoon while one new fire was reported in Fort Frances District on Sunday.

Fort Frances Fire #21 is a 0.1-hectare, lightning-caused blaze located about 65 km north of Fort Frances.

It was listed as “under control.”

Quiet on fire scene

No new fires were confirmed by yesterday afternoon in the Northwest Region.

The forest fire hazard remains “low-moderate” across the region.

In related news, Ontario still has 22 aviation and fire management personnel in Idaho and Montana.

This total is comprised of 16 overhead staff in Idaho and six overhead staff in Montana.

Fire crews scaled back

Ontario firefighting resources are scaling back as the autumn season approaches and fire activity slows.

FireRanger crew members ended their contracts in the first week of September.

Senior crew members are extended until Sept. 20, and extensions can be added if the fire situation increases.

One new fire over weekend

There was one new forest fire confirmed on the weekend.

Fort Frances District #18 was located along the shore of Rainy Lake near Red Gut Bay on Saturday.

It is “out” at 0.1 hectares.

The forest fire hazard is “moderate” in the northwest sectors of the region and “low” in all other sectors.

Few fires over weekend

Just one new fire was confirmed yesterday in the Northwest Region.

Kenora Fire #51 was a 0.1-hectare blaze that was caused by a tree on a power line that caught fire along Highway 673.

It is now “out.”

One fire was reported Saturday.

Dryden Fire #25, a single tree struck by lightning, is now “out” at 0.1 ha in size.

Fire crews sent to Montana

Ontario is supporting forest fire-fighting efforts in the United States.

Some 108 personnel were deployed yesterday to Missoula, Mont., including FireRanger crews, a fire behaviour analyst, and agency representatives.

Meanwhile, Ontario continues to supply equipment, including fire hose, sprinkler kits, pumps, and chainsaws, to Alberta, B.C., Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.